Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last week, Point Park University's journalism and mass communication department held their annual  Washington D.C. trip.  This was my second year going there and as always, it was a fun trip.  

This year, not only did I photograph, but I also tried my hand in multimedia with the addition of video.  With more and more agencies and organizations getting into video and multimedia, I am trying to get my feet wet.  

Photos and Video by Kevin Moran

All photos taken with Canon 40D and video with Canon ZR 950.


Dennis P. Moran said...

Wow. Great work. Fantastic images. Emotionally charged and relevant, perfect musical choice. You should be proud!

crustypiman said...

Nice work Kevin! You did a good job of integrating the stills with the movie. Of course, I commend your choice for the soundtrack. Can't go wrong with Dylan. But, oddly, though the times they are a changin, as Neil Young sings in some other song, they're sure changin slow. Poor grammar, but you get the idea. I liked the project and I'd like to see more. Sorry I've taken so long to leave a comment. Uncle Piman

Jim and Jeanie said...


Congratulations on your incredible work/works. This is the first time I have gone on your Blog! Trust me it won't be my last visit. I so loved this piece, how you zoomed in and it was so very dramatic & astonishing. I loved the bud and flowers on the trees and the faded backgrounds. It captured my interest the whole tim eI watched it.

And Congratulations on your Graduation! I heard through the grape vine you have just graduated. And didn't want to make a big deal of it. I certainly am proud of the work that you have on your blog. Keep using your eyes and the camera of course, for your photos.

Aunt Jeanie Beanie