Saturday, February 21, 2009

Strobin Around the Room

Well with my recent antenna modification of my eBay triggers, (which by the way work great now) I've been practicing a few lighting techniques around my room.  

All of these shots were taken with a single bare 580EX II, with Cactus V2 triggers, and a 15mm fisheye.  

Nothing too spectacular, just a little practice! 


Dennis P. Moran said...

hey nice lighting! all that stuff is in your room? pegboard? tools? toiletpaper?

Dennis P. Moran said...

especially like the lighting on the doorknob and the'll have to show me your e-bay strobe triggers..uncle D

Dennis P. Moran said...

BTW I love the Mystique video on your website! The shot with the car going over the camera in both directions is great!

crustypiman said...

Hey Kevin,

Glad to see you're bloggin'. It looks good. And now I know what kind of tripod I should buy! Seriously, keep up the good work.

Uncle Crusty