Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DJ Waajeed

My internship with Jenesis Magazine has taken me to some interesting and "hip" places and events that I am really starting to enjoy.  One of the places has been the Shadow Lounge in Shadyside where there are frequent appearances by DJ's.  One of the most recent ones had been a benefit "spin" for a fallen DJ, DJ Dilla.   The magazine was writing a story about a well known DJ from Detroit named DJ Waajeed.  

These guys to some crazy things with records and different music that blows the mind.  What also blows my mind is how they can keep track of all that is going on with the recods and their computers all at the same time...but thats why they are the DJ's and I am the photographer.  

All photos were taken at Shadow Lounge and were shot with 15mm Fisheye and 580exII


Dennis P. Moran said...

Very kool Kman! you COULD be more accepted into this group if you'd simply adopt a set of dredlocks!

By the way, your writing is as good as the photography. I do love your crisp, concise description of what you are doing. I'd love to see more of your work from the internship. Keep up the good work. take care, Unk-D

crustypiman said...

Hey Kevin,

Nice work! And as Unk-D says, nice writing too! Nice to see your photos online. Keep up the good work.