Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Month

It's that time again, the new issue of Jenesis Magazine is out once again.  It can be found (and downloaded for free) at  

Due to everything that has gone on in February, I don't have much that I contributed to the magazine for this issue, but none the less, I do have the photos from DJ Waajeed (from my previous post) in the magazine this month.  


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Dennis P. Moran said...

Hi Kevin, I'll have to check out the magazine. Thanks for the "cool head" comments...Moran humor indeed. The items frozen in ice (portrait and letters) are cut from heavy weight paper/80 lb. cover stock, then submerged in water and left outdoors to freeze. Hopefully this "frozen" project will be over soon...I'm looking forward to Spring! Take care, UnkD